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How to Organize Your Workplace

As one of America's strongest and oldest Unions, you've probably heard of the Teamsters.  But do you know how we can help you?  

Signs You Need A Union:

  • Favoritism in the workplace leading to unfair assignment of jobs, overtime, etc.
  • Inconsistent hours
  • Unfair pay
  • Decrease in benefits offered by the company/increase in insurance premiums paid by the employee
  • Inconsistent or no way for your to lodge complaints against mistreatment in the workplace
  • Empty promises made by management
  • Decisions that affect you being made WITHOUT you

Do any of these things sound familiar? If so, it's time to organize!

Steps to Becoming Teamsters:

  • Talk to your coworkers - find a group that aligns with your goals.  Remember, you will need to win an election to get the Union in your workplace. This small, semi-private group should be your initial organizing committee.
  • Contact Us! We will help you every step of the way, we know the laws, we have the materials, and we've been through it before. Communicating early and often with the Local will help you build momentum.
  • Determine your platform/issues stance.  Is your workplace constantly ignoring seniority and playing favorites when it comes to overtime? Has your department gone over a year without a pay increase?  Are you and your colleagues being paid unfairly and inconsistently for the work you do? Chances are, people are bothered. Find common, concrete issues that your committee can work towards changing to unite your workplace.
  • Sign up everyone you can! Once this starts, it should not drag out long. You want to get the majority of your workplace signed up quickly in order to hold an election, and this should happen before the company can attempt to intervene.
  • Election time! The NLRB will take the steps to force an election, during which time the company will run their own Anti-Union Campaign.  Be prepared and ready to fight back! If the employees win the right to Union representation, the Employer MUST recognize and bargain with the Union.
  • Negotiate your contract.  This is where everyone needs to work together to keep pressure on the company to meet your demands.

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